Built on trust, honesty and integrity

Founded on traditional values.

Onuku is a fast-growing business is built on time-honoured traditional ideas and principles including:
• Honesty and integrity
• Quality and class
• Reliability, hard work and know-how.

Onuku Limited is a 100% Maori owned company based in Whakatane, New Zealand. Onuku is associated with the Onuku Maori Lands Trust (OMLT) that owns, administers and farms approximately 2363 Hectares of prime land at the base of the mighty Mount Tarawera. 

The Team

With a team encompassing over 50 years of combined experience in logistics and international trade, and utilising world leading technology, Onuku has quickly established a global market for its uniquely branded products.

Onuku Maori Lands Trust

Set in one of the most volcanically volatile landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Onuku Maori Lands Trust has developed out of a historic eruption to grow into the thriving area that it is today.