Onuku MĀori Lands Trust

Set in one of the most volcanically volatile landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Onuku Māori Lands Trust has developed out of a historic eruption to grow into the thriving area that it is today.

OMLT are currently involved in trial plantings of Mānuka seedlings for Mānuka oil extraction and have more than 500 hives deployed on their lands. The opportunity to expand their farming investment portfolio came up following discussions with Les Stowell and Hayden Stowell. As a result of these discussions, Onuku Limited was established.

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Onuku Limited is a 100% Māori owned company based in Whakatane, New Zealand. Onuku Ltd is associated with the Onuku Māori Lands Trust (OMLT) that owns, administers and farms approximately 2363 Hectares of prime land at the base of the mighty Mount Tarawera (which famously erupted in 1866) and on the shores of Lake Rotomahana. A stone’s throw to the famous sunken Pink and White terraces that were once considered the ‘Eighth wonder of the World’. Onuku Ltd is headed by Les Stowell who is both a shareholder and a current Trustee of OMLT.